What do we do?

We quantify emotional reactions using scientifically proven neuro and cardio medical research. We utilize both proprietary and partner devices on our own algorithms.

How are we different?

Our system is produced as a sleek wearable connected to a mobile app – easily worn in everyday situations, with no hassle for the respondent.

What are our unique benefits?

Our system is scalable, ready to use in any home in under 72 hours and available at a fraction of the competitor's cost.

What kind of data we collect?

We capture detailed implicit and explicit feedback. We collect 11 implicit data points of medical-quality biometric data, and we utilize a wide range of pre-developed explicit modules such as questionnaires, mobile diaries etc.

How do we organize research?

Simple and online! Select product/category, click through the desired design in 3 mins and in 72 hours the research is live! (72 hours after the final project agreement and Purchase order/ Delivery order).

How do we deliver the devices so quickly?

We have logistic centers and presence in over 35 countries and on all major markets. It takes us 72 hours to get them to any selected location in America, Asia, EU or Africa.

Do we have your product analyzed in our database?

Probably ‒ we have the largest independent database of self-funded neuroscience research on FMCG products and worldwide experience. We have been investing in research since 2014 and re-evaluate most product analyses on a monthly basis. We can follow up with a brief one-pager and PDF sample report, just ask for it!

How accurate is your methodology?

There are several means of validation:

  • 1. Expert’s opinion (psychologist / psychiatrist)
  • 2. Scientifically controlled databases of stimuli (IAPS / IADS)
  • 3. Self-reports (explicit claims)

According to all above-mentioned methods of validation, our methodology fits within the range from 87 to 95% accuracy.

How can we know when something happened and resulted with a peak?

We use scientifically proven ERP (event-related potential) to provide millisecond-accuracy of timestamps to events. The latency of the data and the accuracy of our algorithms provide timestamps accurate enough to isolate neurofeedback for a specific reaction. We also have accelerometers that track fine movement, so we are able to tell what you are doing at the moment, e.g. sitting, eating, doing laundry etc.

Do we do baselining?

Yes ‒ at the beginning of each test we devote a percentage of time to answering psychological questionnaires that guide you through our baselining process. It takes anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes, depending on the type of task at hand.

Is the signal to noise ratio too poor for such analysis?

Our deep knowledge of ICA (Independent component analysis) paired with bio-sensor localization enables us to overcome this industry challenge. Due to proprietary pre-processing methodologies and filters we have been able to adjust our system to make it suitable for everyday activities and venues.